Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Meatball Sub

We were at Publix on the Free Sample day and Brad just can not resist all the free Samples, well they had Aidells Meatballs They were Chicken and turkey, Sun dried Tomato Meat Balls.
Brad picked up some 9 grain, Italian Sub Rolls from the bakery at the grocery store.


1 box Aidells meatballs
1 small can no-salt added tomato sauce
Sub toppings as desired, green peppers
2 Slices Swiss Cheese

Warm up meatballs in a fry pan on med heat, Add tomato sauce and a little oregano and basil to the sauce. IF you like a lot of sauce on your sub use 2 CANS tomato sauce
Once meatballs are heated thru place onto sub bread, and place cheese on sandwhich, add toppings. I just had green peppers on mine.

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